Student-Athlete Spotlight: Samantha Jean

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Samantha Jean

Senior Samantha Jean (Bedford, N.H.) of the Southern New Hampshire University women's tennis team has started her senior season strong, posting a 3-0 dual record at No. 5 singles and partnering up with sister Kirsten Jean (Bedford, N.H.) to tally a 3-0 dual record at No. 3 doubles.  In this week's Student-Athlete Spotlight, Samantha provides a look at what her life is like when she's not on the court. 


Name: Samantha Jean

Major: Marketing

Pregame routine: Before a match I always like to have time to prepare.  I make sure I wake up early enough to put on my uniform and have a solid breakfast.  I always have music or the TV on in the background when I'm getting ready.

Something people don't know about me: I was a cross country ski racer and danced for ten years of my life.

The moment I am most proud of: My sophomore year in college my team was playing at St. Michael's and [the score] was tied 4-4.  I was the only match left and I was the deciding factor of whether or not we won.  I won the match and kept our undefeated season intact.

Favorite Athlete:  Novak Djokovic because he works hard and is beating players that many thought were unbeatable and because he is gluten free and so am I.

Favorite meal in the SNHU Dining Center: Chicken Caesar Salad wrap.

Three items I would want if I was stranded on a desert island: I have no idea; there are too many things that I would want with me!

What's on my iPod: I love to listen to Sam Adams, State Radio, Dispatch, Paramore and many more.

In five years: I see myself with a career in sports marketing, still playing tennis in leagues and potentially engaged or married.

One item I can't live without: My laptop.

Places I would like to visit someday: I would love to visit Africa.