Men's Tennis Shuts Out Pace

Men's Tennis Shuts Out Pace

LONGMEADOW, Mass. – The Southern New Hampshire University men's tennis team opened the spring portion of its schedule with a 9-0 win over Pace University in a Northeast-10 match Friday at the Meadows Racquet Club.  The Penmen won their 13th straight NE-10 regular season match dating back to last season and are 4-1 overall and 4-0 in the league, while the Setters are 0-5 overall and in the league.

Mitch Dobek (Westfield, Mass.), Juan Arango-Campo (Armenia Quindio, Colombia), Alex Mukdaprakorn (Hartford, Conn.) and Jared Wright (Norwell, Mass.) all picked up singles and doubles victories on the day.  Brad Malenich (Sharon, Mass.) saw his first collegiate action at No. 5 singles and was an 8-0 winner.

The SNHU men's tennis team returns to action on Sunday when it takes on Division I Stony Brook University in a 1:00 match at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H.

So. New Hampshire 9, Pace 0
02/03/12 at Longmeadow, Mass. (Meadows Racquet Club)

Singles competition

1. Mitch Dobek (SNH) def. Mike Metesen (PAC) 6-3, 6-2

2. Juan Arango-Campo (SNH) def. Mattia Pastore (PAC) 6-0, 6-0

3. Alex Mukdaprakorn (SNH) def. Khari Linton (PAC) 6-1, 6-2

4. Jared Wright (SNH) def. Brett Ringelheim (PAC) 6-4, 6-4

5. Brad Malenich (SNH) def. Vinnie Birkenmeyer (PAC) 8-0

6. Tim Hamilton (SNH) def. No player (PAC), by default


Doubles competition

1. Juan Arango-Campo/Alex Mukdaprakorn (SNH) def. Mike Metesen/Khari Linton (PAC) 8-2

2. Mitch Dobek/Jared Wright (SNH) def. Brett Ringelheim/Mattia Pastore (PAC) 8-0

3. John Niland/Tim Hamilton (SNH) def. No player/No player (PAC), by default


Match Notes

Pace 0-6, 0-6 NE-10

So. New Hampshire 5-1, 5-0 NE-10; Regional ranking #9

T-2:30 A-25