Five Penmen spring teams are regionally ranked at the moment. How many will reach the NCAAs?
Two or fewer
All five!

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February 17, 2014
All of the Penmen spring teams will have successful seasons according to their respective NE-10 coaches' polls. Which sport are you looking forward to the most?
Baseball 50%
Men's Lacrosse 13%
Women's Lacrosse 8%
Softball 15%
Men's Tennis 4%
Women's Tennis 7%

December 13, 2013
What will be your favorite part of the holiday break?
Break from classes 34%
Spending time with family and friends 40%
Giving and receiving gifts 5%
Waiting to return to SNHU 20%

March 7, 2013
Which of the four sports SNHU recently announced it plans to add are you the most excited about?
Women's Golf 10%
Field Hockey 33%
Women's Outdoor Track and Field 24%
Women's Bowling 15%
Excited about all of them! 15%

February 1, 2013
With all three winter teams battling for spots in their respective Northeast-10 tournaments, how many Penmen teams will qualify?
One 21%
Two 29%
All three! 49%

December 3, 2012
How do you follow Penmen home games you can't make it to?
Live stats 20%
Video 28%
Twitter (@snhupenmen) 31%
eScores 5%
More than one 13%

November 19, 2012
What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?
Both soccer teams making the NCAA Tournament 35%
Basketball and hockey seasons starting up 14%
A few days off from classes 21%
All three! 27%

November 12, 2012
Which men's soccer team playing at SNHU this weekend will advance to the Division II semifinals in Evans, Georgia?
SNHU 80%
Gannon 2%
UMass Lowell 5%
Mercyhurst 10%

June 3, 2012
What was your favorite moment from 2011-12?
Men's soccer reaching the NCAA quarterfinals 11%
Women's tennis winning third straight NE-10 title 1%
Christine Duffy becoming women's basketball all-time assist leader 3%
Men's tennis hosting NCAAs for first time 2%
Baseball winning NCAA East Regional, advancing to College World Series 74%
Emily Mongeau becoming women's lacrosse all-time leading scorer 3%
Other 4%

May 13, 2012
Which team will win the NCAA baseball regional being held at SNHU this week?
SNHU 59%
Le Moyne 9%
Franklin Pierce 16%
Saint Anselm 2%
Wilmington (Del.) 3%
Dowling 8%

April 24, 2012
With the school year nearly over, what are you looking forward to this summer?
Relaxing 39%
Working 23%
Preparing for 2012-13 28%
Traveling 9%

April 21, 2012
Who will win the Northeast-10 women's tennis title Sunday?
SNHU 88%
Stonehill 11%

April 15, 2012
Both tennis teams are the No. 3 seed in their respective NE-10 tournaments. Which team has the best chance to win an NE-10 title?
Men 14%
Women 44%
They both will win! 40%

April 4, 2012
With 22 regular season games left, the baseball team has already tied the single-season school record for wins. How many wins will they finish with?
30-35 10%
36-40 35%
41-45 40%
46+ 13%

December 17, 2011
What are you looking forward to the most during the holiday season?
Being done with final exams 27%
Spending time with family and friends 31%
Ringing in the New Year 4%
Following Penmen basketball and hockey over break 36%

November 19, 2011
Who was the MVP of the fall season?
Chris Tsonis (MSOC) 47%
Ariel Teixeira (WSOC) 13%
Danielle Coffey (VB) 3%
Garrett Hammond (MXC) 24%
Emma Lundberg (WXC) 5%
Ernie Lupi (Golf) 6%

November 17, 2011
Men's soccer is playing in the Division II quarterfinals Saturday. What will be the final outcome of their season?
Lose in quarterfinals. 13%
Advance from quarterfinals, lose in semifinals. 15%
Win semifinals, lose in finals. 9%

September 26, 2011
Which newcomer has had the biggest impact for his/her team thus far?
Mike Wallace (Men's Tennis) 8%
Kendra Mikuta (Volleyball) 19%
Mohamed Toufik (Men's Soccer) 25%
Melissa Stacom (Women's XC) 2%
Diana Vamvakitis (Women's Tennis) 3%
Ernie Lupi (Golf) 5%
Garrett Hammond (Men's XC) 26%
Olivia Boivin (Women's Soccer) 8%

September 9, 2011
Over the first week of the season, which win at home has been your favorite?
Women's soccer vs. Stonehill (1-0) 14%
Volleyball vs. Merrimack (3-1) 16%
Men's soccer vs. Saint Anselm (1-0) 46%
They all were great! 22%

August 22, 2011
The men's and women's soccer teams were a combined 15-1-2 at home last year and have a combined 18 home games this year. How many home wins will the two teams combine for?
16-18 46%
13-15 37%
11-12 3%
10 or fewer 12%

July 11, 2011
Do you use "social" deal sites like Living Social or location services like foursquare?
Living Social 2%
Groupon 16%
Other social deal service 0%
foursquare 5%
Facebook Places 10%
What are you talking about? 48%
Use more than one. 17%

May 5, 2011
Which freshman had the biggest impact on his/her spring team?
Al Stanton (BSB) 10%
Kirsten Jean (WT) 2%
Chris Roach (MLAX) 4%
Dolores Mattice (SB) 43%
Juan Arango-Campo (MT) 4%
Phoebe Clark (WLAX) 33%
Other 1%

August 5, 2010
Which home opener do you plan on attending?
Men's Soccer vs. Molloy (Sept. 2) 53%
Volleyball vs. Saint Michael's (Sept. 4) 13%
Women's Soccer vs. Concordia (Sept. 5) 16%
All three! 15%

March 10, 2009
What was your favorite moment from the winter season?
Women's basketball knocking off No. 11 Stonehill 12%
Troy Maybury being named NE-10 hockey Player of the Year 27%
Men's basketball advancing to NE-10 semifinals 40%
Other 19%

What is your favorite spring home sporting event to attend?
Women's Tennis 14%
Baseball 28%
Softball 13%
Men's Lacrosse 22%
Women's Lacrosse 15%
Men's Tennis 5%

Do you follow SNHU athletics on Twitter, or are you a fan of SNHU Penmen Athletics on Facebook?
Follow on Twitter 11%
Fan on Facebook 38%
Use both 9%
Neither, but I will go sign up right now! 40%

Which winter team newcomer has had the biggest impact for his/her team this far?
Michelle DeRoma (WBB) 27%
Tyler Holske (IH) 24%
Nikola Canic (MBB) 41%
Other 5%

Which upcoming home postseason contest(s) do you plan on attending?
Men's Basketball vs. St. Rose 37%
Ice Hockey Semifinal vs. Saint Michael's 39%
Not sure 12%
Both 10%

Which SNHU spring sport has the best chance to win a Northeast-10 championship?
Baseball 36%
Women's Lacrosse 14%
Men's Lacrosse 9%
Softball 9%
Women's Tennis 22%
Men's Tennis 7%

The hockey schedule heats up with five home games in January. Which game are you looking forward to the most?
SUNY Potsdam (1/15) 85%
Franklin Pierce (1/19) 2%
Stonehill (1/25) 1%
UMass Dartmouth (1/27) 1%
Assumption (1/29 at Verizon Wireless Arena) 9%

What is your favorite SNHU athletic facility?
SNHU Fieldhouse 16%
Larkin Field 23%
Baseball Field 32%
Softball Field 10%
Small Gym 3%
Fitness Center 6%
Tennis Courts 7%

Out of all three winter teams (MBB, WBB, Hockey), how many will qualify for their repsective Northeast-10 Championship?
None 10%
One 24%
Two 34%
All Three! 30%

Which fall team has the best chance at a Northeast-10 championship this year?
Women's Cross Country 1%
Men's Cross County 4%
Golf 5%
Men's Soccer 70%
Women's Soccer 12%
Volleyball 5%

Which fall home opener are you looking forward to the most?
Men's Soccer vs. Queens (N.Y.) (Aug. 30) 48%
Women's Soccer vs. Holy Family (Aug. 31) 22%
Volleyball vs. NYIT/Post (Sept. 8) 16%
All three! 11%

Who is SNHU's biggest Northeast-10 rival?
Saint Anselm 55%
Bentley 6%
UMass Lowell 8%
Franklin Pierce 27%
Other 2%

Which team competing in the spring had the best season?
Baseball 21%
Golf 2%
Women's Lacrosse 43%
Men's Lacrosse 4%
Softball 4%
Women's Tennis 21%
Men's Tennis 2%

What was the biggest accomplishment for SNHU athletics in 2009-10?
Men's soccer reaching the NCAA quarterfinals 30%
Women's tennis wins first-ever NE-10 championship 25%
DJ Lantz finishes eighth at NCAA golf regional as an individual 37%
Women's lacrosse reaches NE-10 semifinals for fifth straight year 6%

Which team will win the Division II College World Series?
Catawba 1%
Chico State 3%
Delta State 6%
Indianapolis 0%
Minnesota State 3%
St. Mary's (TX) 6%
SNHU 73%
West Chester 5%

Who will win the Northeast-10 Men's Soccer Championship?
No. 1 UMass Lowell 4%
No. 2 SNHU 71%
No. 3 Franklin Pierce 16%
No. 4 Le Moyne 7%

Will you be watching the men's soccer quarterfinal game at Le Moyne Sunday at 1:00?
I will be there in person! 29%
I will watch the game online 45%
I have other plans, but go Penmen! 25%

Which team will win this weekend's PAL/Stovepipe hockey tournament?
UMass Boston 26%
Penn State 30%
SNHU 38%
Stonehill 5%

Which November home event are you most looking forward to?
M/W basketball opening doubleheader vs. Thomas/Concordia (11/13) 43%
Volleyball vs. Pace/Adelphi (11/5-6) 8%
Ice hockey home opener vs. Suffolk (11/23) 33%
All three! 14%

The men's and women's basketball teams open with two games at home apiece this weekend. How many of the four games will the Penmen win?
Four 42%
Three 27%
Two or less 29%

Which home games are you planning to attend this week?
Hockey vs. Framingham State (Tuesday, 7:30) 16%
Hockey vs. SUNY-Canton (Friday, 8:00) 13%
M/W Basketball vs. Bentley (Saturday, 1:30/3:30) 41%
Hockey vs. SUNY-Canton (Saturday, 5:30 8%
More than one 7%
All of them! 11%

How far will the men's soccer team make it in the NCAA tournament?
East Region final 1%
Quarterfinals 1%
Semifinals 3%
Championship game 5%

Where will the SNHU golf team finish in this weekend's Northeast-10 Championship?
First! 32%
Second 18%
3rd-6th 37%
7th or lower 11%

Which home sporting event do you plan to attend next week?
Volleyball vs. AIC 10/13 11%
Men's Soccer vs. Saint Anselm 10/14 66%
Women's Soccer vs. Saint Rose 10/17 7%
All three! 14%

November is shaping up to be a busy month for Penmen athletics. What are you looking forward to the most?
Women's Basketball Opening the Season at Disney 8%
Men's Soccer in the Postseason 48%
Hockey Home Opener Nov. 10 25%
Men's Basketball Home Opener Nov. 15 17%

Which newcomer has had the biggest impact for his/her team?
Nathaniel Stiles (MCC) 1%
Stacey Wojcik (WCC) 44%
Scott Underhill (Golf) 2%
Jonathan Lupinelli (MS) 35%
Lexxi Carroll (WS) 9%
Yolanda Green (WT) 0%
Emma Houlihan (VB) 5%

Which winter sport are you looking forward to the most?
Men's Basketball 27%
Women's Basketball 47%
Cheerleading 7%
Ice Hockey 18%

Which newcomer has been the most valuable for his/her team thus far?
Kaleigh Roberge (WS) 23%
Caitlin Wilson (VB) 22%
Chris Tsonis (MS) 39%
Other 14%

The men's soccer team has allowed just three goals in 10 games. How many goals will they allow over their final eight regular season games?
None 9%
1-3 goals 52%
4-5 goals 27%
6 goals or more 10%

Which opening day performance was the most impressive?
Stephanie Dluginski - 16 kills, 1 error (VB) 14%
Danielle Courtemanche - 4 goals, 1 assist (WS) 45%
Nick Papamichael - 3 goals (MS) 39%
Other 0%

Men's soccer is off to its best start since 1997 (5-0). How many wins will the Penmen end up with?
8 or less 6%
9-10 3%
11-12 19%
13 or more 70%

What has been the biggest SNHU athletics story the first month of the school year?
Women's cross country ranked No. 9 in the region 9%
Women's soccer defeats Franklin Pierce for first time since 1991 20%
Men's soccer ranked No. 4 nationally 42%
Volleyball 5-1 start 9%
Amber Chandronnait wins third straight ITA women's tennis regional 17%

Which fall team has the best chance of winning a Northeast-10 championship?
Women's Cross Country 6%
Men's Cross Country 3%
Golf 9%
Women's Soccer 11%
Men's Soccer 53%
Volleyball 5%
More than one team will win! 9%

Which fall team has the best chance of winning a Northeast-10 championship?
Women's Cross Country 5%
Men's Cross Country 2%
Men's Golf 6%
Women's Soccer 8%
Men's Soccer 68%
Volleyball 8%

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